The irksome IWUD

There is an irksome male specimen that lives in my house. He leaves his clothes on the floor, on top of the drawers, on the chair, even the kitchen counter.  He never makes the bed (even though he is the last one to get out of it). In hindsight this may be a good thing because the few times he tried to make the bed the crookedness if it all sent me into an even worse spin than him not making the bed.  He can never get his towel back on the towel rack in its original state (I’m referring to the ‘crookedness’ again). Maybe I just have OCD.

The effects of harbouring an IWUD

The other day I finally got around to folding our clothes, I even arranged each item according to clothing type & put them into their assigned drawer. Little less than an hour after this task (which took me two weeks to ‘get around to’ I might add) had been completed when this said males drawers were already in dire straights, again! I swear I almost had a hernia.

Cooking. Now this particular breed of specimen is what’s known as a IWUD (I wish u  didnt) cook. He uses more utensils and cutlery in one cooking session  than I use in a week. Seriously. It doesn’t stop there. After a session of IWUD cooking there is almost certain to be garlic and onion skins strewn all over the counter plus an array of sauce splatters on the wall, bench, and in some instances on the ceiling. Paper and plastic wrappers fill sink number one and in number two an assortment of off cuts and dishes. It’s little consolation that the result of this IWUD cooking session tastes absolutely delectable.


Sleeping time. My sleeping time is the time that this beast truly comes alive! Now I can’t blame him for this because the shift work he does wreaks havoc on his sleeping habits but does he HAVE to want to have those deep and meaningful talks every time I am just so dog darn tired?! *YAWN* Upon entering a deep and blissful slumber, said male will not hesitate to wake me up so he can tell me all the things I need to remember to do tomorrow (of course, I never do remember). Or to tell me what’s new professionally or socially. OR to tell me he needs some ‘company’. *GROAN* please stop waking me from my mouth drooling sleeps.

He makes my lines jagged, my circles wavy and my sanity insane but the most irksome thing of all that this male does is the fact that he makes me smile when I am mad and happy when I should be furious. In short, he makes me love him, and that is just sooo annoying.

I bet you have an ‘IWUD’ too.