About Me

I am a young woman, living on a small tropical island (somewhere in the South Pacific). I love my island but it has its limitations and so this is my way of creating a portal between me and the rest of the world. I may be young but I do have some life-insights to share having been through many tragedies and obstacles during my time. My first defining moment was the death of my father – I still find it hard to express in words the grief I went through during this time, of course, you never fully heal after losing a loved one but it does become more bearable. The next year I lost my best friend of 16 years to suicide, the guilt still haunts me to this day, I shouldn’t blame myself but I do wish I had been there for her more and perhaps she would still be here today, but we do not have the power to re-write the past. I’ve also experienced an abusive relationship (emotionally & physically), experienced the extreme pain and joy of child-birth, been the victim of infidelity and also been the other woman (unknowingly) and much more you will surely read about as I gain the strength to re-tell my tales through this blog. I hope I can help somebody who is going through similar struggles to be as emotionally strong as I am. Though I have been through this and more, I am not phased, I am not damaged, I am a new me.


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