Green thumb

I have recently undertaken a new project (I could do with less projects to be honest but this one I just couldn’t resist). I have started a small home vegetable garden and I am actually really enjoying it! I have in my garden, snake beans, tomatoes, cabbage, silver beet and cucumber.

I started with already sown seedlings and replanted them into an old tyre cut and filled with soil from the rubbish heap (apparently this is the best type of soil). I got sticks from the hedge and put them next to the climbing plants (ie tomatoes, cucumber and beans) so they have something to crawl themselves up on and I made my own insect spray using onions, garlic, chillis and get this…dishwashing liquid! I hear it makes the formula stick to the plants more effectively. I didnt have a watering can and judging by my user name I am pretty penniless so I made my own version of a watering can using an old plastic keri juice bottle and poked a dozen holes in the lid. It works like a treat!

Now, my gardening mission has not been all a success. I originally planted corn next to my climbing plants, with the intent that they would use the corn stalks to climb but the dang chickens ate all the corn! Bummer! I did a little ‘research’ and came across this neat little trick to keep animals at bay:

It may not look pretty but I can imagine how effective this could be! Chickens be gone!

Aside from the corn disaster tomatoes and beans are growing quite well! Looking forward to seeing progress in the next few weeks. Thinking of starting a small herb patch as well just using egg cartons. Got to make use of the things we already have at home!


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