Not ready

I am now, according to my own calculations 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant, the hospital says I am 32 weeks and 6 days, either way this baby is coming soon and I am not ready and quite honestly its stressing me out.


We moved out of our brand new house in October last year to help my Mom out as she had a nurse coming to do a stint at her clinic for a year and she still hadn’t found a place, so I offered ours, thinking we could do with the extra rental income (well that part is true, it aint easy raising kids and having a mortgage). We then moved back in with my partners family (my almost in-laws) and heres the cinch… It has been HELL lol. I dont know if I am just extra hormonal with this pregnancy but I absolutely cannot wait to go back home in October this year. I wont go into the details about living back with my “almost in-laws” because lets face it I’ll end up on a rant fest that could last a whole novel. Our cot that we used with our first two babies is currently useless, stacked with boxes and toys and sh*t that it shouldnt be filled with. The room we’re staying in is super cramped so I dont even want to use that cot cause it’s one of those nice big wooden ones and it will honestly just take up too much space so instead of facing that daunting task of clearing out the cot and making space somewhere for it I asked my sister if I could borrow her porta-cot for the time being. I’ll only be needing it for a couple of months anyway before we go back to our big spacious (sigh) house… Here I am wishing I could go back home now! Hang in there, hang in there. I hardly have any baby clothes at all, or any baby STUFF for that matter. We foolishly gave everything away to family living in the outer islands, trying to be ‘good samaritans’…well really we just wanted to make space lol and look where that got us! Now we’re back at square one. Let me remind you I live on an island where almost everything is imported meaning skyrocket pricing. It’s not so easy to baby shop here.

Not only am I not ready on the home front but I am not ready to leave my job for 6 weeks in the hands of my sub-ordinates. I am, I guess, a little bit (just a teensy bit) of a micro-manager. They are great workers but I just know things will be in a bit of a shambles when I get back to work. I have various projects that I need to wrap up too with only 5 weeks (if Im lucky) left to do so. But I dont want to think about that right (if I dont think about it, it might go away…)

On the plus side…My Mum has offered to buy the baby’s carseat (she is amazing like that!) and my friend is throwing me a baby shower on the 10th of April which I am so super greatful for. I was not expecting one considering this is my third baby. I keep telling myself to relax! Things will fall in to place. But what if they dont? Oh dear.

The one thing I am ready for? To have my body back! Oh, the back aches… I am ready to be free of those! I also look forward to meeting this munchkin!


3 thoughts on “Not ready

  1. Oh my; you’re stressing and rightfully so, but it’s going to be great. You’re practically an expert. Who needs clothes? Can’t the baby just run around naked in Paradise? 😜

    October will be here before you know it and it might be nice to have the extra hands around in the beginning to give you a break. My husband went back to traveling when my baby was 3 weeks and I couldn’t used some extra help. Ranting is what your blog is for; we’re listening.


    1. Hahaha, you make a good point! For the most part my son loves to run around in his underwear and I dont blame him some days when the heat is atrocious! Yes, that is what Im holding on to…:”the extra pair of helping hands” especially with three kids, 5 and under!


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