Let’s talk about LGBT

I attended a transgender pageant last week. It was amazing on so many levels and humorous to boot. We (the crowd) were all laughing and screaming 90% of the time. There were times however when it wasn’t so funny, when it was downright emotional. Some of the contestants shared their struggles battling with their identity and society’s views of what is normal, the discrimination and judgement they face every day just for being themselves. Its SAD, to say the least. One contestant said “growing up I did not know my very existence was one I would later be ashamed of” that brought a tear to my eye, maybe two.

I have a son who is shall we say more feminine than most boys are. From a young age he was attracted to all things glittery and pink and had a penchant for wearing dresses and heels. He grew out of it and now refuses to wear anything remotely “girly”, but he still loves the color pink. He sometimes comments that certain characters in cartoons are handsome, but he also comments about pretty girls too (mostly ones in very dramatic princess dresses). He is not really into super hero cartoons or paraphernalia like his little brother is and is not a rough house kid. Is he gay? Is he transgender? I dont know, it’s too early to know really. I may be over analysing this but I have to admit to myself that there is a chance. Honestly, I really hope he isn’t. I have nothing against LGBT but of course, what mother would wish that upon her child? Not this mother thats for sure. But still there is a chance that he may be and I want to ready myself for this. I want him to know I will always love him and support him even if he is gay, he will always be my beautiful child.


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