Cook Island Fashion

Hi World,

Check out our very own island printed and designed outfits, made here in the Cook Islands and designed by Pacific Beauty Ellena Tavioni- I believe they also have a store in New Zealand and can ship just about anywhere in the world.

If you like what you see visit their facebook page:

A jumpsuit with a pacific flare
Cute dress for those summer days – model is wearing a rito hat (materials come from the fabulous coconut tree)
Pretty in Purple!
You don’t see skirts like this everyday!
They even have clothes for toddlers
Happy Valentines Day
Elegant Evening Wear
Sexy jumpsuit, perfect for a night out in Summer!

8 thoughts on “Cook Island Fashion

  1. Yeah I guess you do love in the Cook Islands. Ever since I saw my blog has a visitor from there ice been obsessed. Ok maybe not obsessed, but interested nonetheless. So exotic, so beautiful. Brooklyn ny is so damn dreary. I’ve never been to a far away tropical place.


    1. Yes I am from the Cook Islands 🙂 and its funny how you would be interested in coming here and here I am planning a trip to NY with my girlfriends for our “30th year of existence” lol. Whether it will happen or not is another story! $$$ is always the deciding factor!

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      1. For the best experience I would suggest Aitutaki. We have 15 islands and Aitutaki is magnificent! It even blew me away the first time I visited. I live in the capital Rarotonga.
        If you want to see what its all about google “One Foot Island Aitutaki”

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