The naming game

Okay, so now I have like a HUGE list of baby names and my head is all like “this one…no that one…no, no, no, this one!” Good Lawd, strike me with inspiration please!

So far, my flightly radar is buzzing with the following:

  • Joni – firstly Joni means “God is Gracious” and while that’s a great meaning whats of more importance to me is that Joni is a variant of Jon which is my late fathers name. However the flip side of this name is that I run the risk of giving my daughter a name that is considered “nick-namey” so I’m a bit iffy with this one.
  • Emerson – I just like the sound of it and it gets double points because my middle name is Emma so a little tribute to myself? A lot of people say this is a boys name though but I actually LIKE “boys names” for girls.
  • Celeste – It sounds super pretty and get this – it means “heavenly”. Some Debbie Downers say it reminds them of the words molest and incest which is definitely off-putting, I wouldn’t want her to get teased.
  • Estelle – Another pretty name, reminds me of perfume or something elegant as such. It means “star” which kind of scares me because I might possibly create a little primadonna in the making by giving her this name!
  • Elise – Meaning “oath to God” which I absolutely love. This name sounds beautiful and reminds me of Fur Elise by Beethoven. I have no downsides to report on this name so maybe this is the one! Hope baby’s Dad agrees with me!
  • Brooklyn – not a great meaning (one who lives near a brook – oookay?) but I’ve always liked this name for a boy or a girl. (Yes, I love unisex names!)
  • Loriel – It sounds so pretty and it reminds me of the amazing beauty range “L’oreal” which is a plus in my books. Can have the nick name Lori or Elle, both cute in my opinion! However I’m just not fully sold on this one…it just doesn’t feel right. 
  • Devon – I really love this name but I can’t use it because my partner thinks its too similar to Devil and he may be right. I considered spelling it differently (Devan) but it’s still only a two letter difference between Devan and Devil..scary! I might raise a little hell raiser with this name!

Who knew choosing a name could be so stressful there are so many if’s and what’s and other opinions that make it just that more difficult to decide. Maybe I should just write a list close my eyes and point my finger and hope for the best!

Wish me luck


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