Unsolicited Advice and Annoying Conversations I don’t want to have

So its super great that you were able to change your life and become one healthy lean mean not-so-green running machine and all that but speaking quite frankly I just dont want to hear about it every 10 minutes. I dont want to know that you are now a super small 58kgs can squeeze yourself into a tight sexy size 8 and that you are able to do 100 reps or whatever you call it. It was fine the first time you told me I really dont need to hear it on repeat… Why dont I want to hear it? Well as you can see, I have a small beach ball inside my top and right now I love food and gluttony and I dont want you to make me feel super guilty, fat and ugly when I kinda cant help it right now. And while we’re at it can you quit bugging on me for the ice cream and lollies I just chowed on. Just shut it OK…I wanted it and it was darn good and Im sure my baby appreciated it too! I also hate people who say “make sure you go for a walk it will be good for delivery!” Ok your intentions may be good but you make me feel like crap cause thats the last thing I want to do! And I am not new to this, I know all about delivery, thanks!

‘Nuff said!



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