On the hunt…

So I am on the hunt for the perfect baby girl name for baby number 3. I told my partner that this time I AM NAMING baby and no one else. So far he has picked (and I agreed of course) both our sons names and our parents gave the middle names, but me, I am yet to actually give a single name (middle or otherwise) for one of my kids so its high time I got a chance, don’t you think? I like names that are typically not thought of as “common” so I’m kind of having a hard time. So far ‘Loriel’ is on the top of my list but I still don’t feel fully satisfied with it. Please help me! I would love it if you could comment on this post with either names you like or names of your own daughters (if you don’t mind plagiarism) or even to tell me what you think of my chosen name above! I need some inspiration here! Thank you in advance….images (1)

Oh and as you may have guessed from what I have already written, I am having a girl (so they tell me) though I am still a little skeptical (if you couldn’t tell!). It’s hard to believe we are actually capable of creating girl bits after having two boys lol. I will fully believe it when I have my baby girl in my arms!


3 thoughts on “On the hunt…

  1. Well, I will say that I liked a couple of choices, if we’d had a girl, but we had a boy, Lincoln. Anyway, Husband asked if we could name a girl Jeanette after his mother, who died, so ok, but for a middle name I picked Vie (life in French) and we would have called her Vie and not Jeanette. Or I really liked Lucia Lux. Just some ideas though I think Loriel is quite adorable.


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