Hooray for the Second Trimester

I am now 14 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I am feeling fantastic! By fantastic I mean I am now not vomiting every morning and not feeling so adverse to particular smells and foods that I can hardly stomach anything at all. I wake up with a clear head and a settled stomach, I am functioning near normal and this is absolutely fabulous in my opinion. I can successfully complete the task of folding the laundry AND get dinner cooked and still have energy to do something other than sleep! Isn’t it amazing! 🙂


On the downside round ligament pain is getting worse, I have to remind myself constantly “dont make sudden movements”, “you cannot turn like that anymore”…sigh. According to my app the urge to urinate frequently should be decreasing by now but I aint feeling it. But its all okay, I can take those downsides just for that extra burst of energy!!!

Ahhh…Horray for the Second Trimester!!!

I will enjoy it while it lasts 🙂


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