# 11 dies at age 40

My Dad died in 2007 and he was a HUGE All Blacks fan. In fact he was rumored to have been picked to play for the All Blacks, I’m not quite sure what happened but in the end he didn’t make the cut. A close call never the less. My fondest memories of my Dad is watching him enjoy the game of Rugby. Names such as Christian Cullen and Jonah Lomu were often heard in our household growing up. My Dad was in awe of the talent Jonah Lomu displayed and at such a young age and so it is because of this that I was greatly saddened to hear of the passing away of the Legend Jonah Lomu, at age 40 his life was definitely short-lived but no doubt LARGE. He started his rugby career as a fresh faced 19 year old Tongan boy, straight out of college and straight into THE GAME – the biggest and fastest Winger the world had ever seen (by that I mean he was both BIG & FAST and that combination was never seen before in Rugby). He says he lived his dream and for that I believe, though short-lived, his life was lived to the fullest. Rest In Peace Jonah Lomu, you will always be remembered as a Legend of Rugby!



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