The joys of Pregnancy

Being pregnant really bites. I thought I was going to be one of the lucky ones and get through this pregnancy without experiencing the dreaded ‘morning (make that all day) sickness’, alas, I was dead wrong. It’s just hit me at 12 weeks pregnant! Come on!!!! I’m supposed to be entering the second trimester and feeling super duper great right about now, but I most certainly am not.


I’m not sure whats worse, puking day and night or being extremely fatigued – ALL.THE.TIME. I cannot get a thing done, literally, A.THING! Now, I suppose this wouldn’t be so horrible if I didn’t have two energetic boys to look after! I just want to sleep all the time but that’s impossible with my little brood. They must be fed and bathed and entertained after all and whenever I am just dying for them to hit the sheets early they always seem to do the opposite, keeping me up until a god-awful hour *sigh*. I told my partner the other day “I wish I could just take a day off and sleep for the WHOLE day” he rolled his eyes, clearly unsympathetic and sick of my whining. Unfortunately he works evenings and this only adds to my stress, I come home from work and pretty much everything is on me. Now I know you must be rolling your eyes and getting sick of my whining too.

I’m only 12 weeks but I am HUGE, I look like I am maybe 5 months and it is so embarrassing admitting to people that I am only 12 weeks…”wow” they say, clearly lost for words. The task of getting out of bed is already haunting me the moment I lay down, damn bed is too squishy if you ask me, it doesn’t help that I have to get about 3 times a night for a trip to the loo. If I cough, or dear God, sneeze, a sharp pain erupts in my lower abdomen, darn you round liagment pains. I think I’m about ready to give birth to this little critter, but alas, there are 6 more months of this ‘joy’ to get through.


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