City Life vs Island Life

I love being home in the Islands but I cant lie, I’d love to experience the bright lights of somewhere fabulous, like NYC for example (possibly aiming too high here).

So what are the big differences between living in the Pacific Islands versus living in New York City? Lets take a look.

Lunch in New York:


Fabulous on all accounts

Lunch in the Islands:


Yummy “ika mata” aka “raw fish” & lovely view

Housing in NYC:


Being the girl behind the red door looks pretty appealing! Double fabulous!

Housing in the Islands:


Tanning facilities always available 😉

Statue of Liberty versus “Tangaroa” aka “God of the Sea”


American Money has a higher $ value


But ours is colourful 😛


Sunset in NYC:


Now that is breathtaking!

Sunset in the Islands:

Cook Islands Yacht Charter (3)

The epitome of peace & tranquility

Street fashion in NYC:

images (1)

Street fashion in the Islands:


So where would you rather live?


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