Mom’s night out

It’s been a while but I have finally made it back into the whole “lets get drunk and party all night long” scene, and of course by ‘all night’ I actually mean until midnight (thats all I can handle at this stage).

I had little less than three hours to get ready for my “wild” night and I spent it digging into the deepest coves of my closet looking for something that I could actually still fit. I finally settled on a little black sparkly number and though it wasn’t what I would have preferred (what I preferred didn’t look how I preferred it) it was acceptable, and by acceptable I mean it didn’t show all my belly flabs (score!). Finally my outfit was sorted but my hair was one hot mess. I tried unsuccessfully to straighten it to perfection all the while cooking the rice and trying to get Junior suited up and fed ready for the land of nod. The hair ended up just a bit ho-hum but not as bad as it could have been. Perhaps my choice of shoe could brighten up my rather flat ensemble. Though I admit, I have scores of beautiful glorious glamorous shoes I was too scared to go for my prized sky high stilleto’s afraid that I might embarrass myself by falling flat on my face when making my ‘grand entrance’ so I settled for, dear I say it, my plain Jane beige wedges. By this point Junior was really starting to wail in frustration so there was next to no time for make-up as I tried to get the little critter to bed to make things easier for myself as well as his babysitter. I managed to stain my lip a ruby red and line my eyes with charcoal black, coat my lashes and rub in a beautiful shimmer moisturizer before hauling myself out the door into the mysterious night.


The club scene was not for want of a better word…awkward. Just plain old fumbling bumbling awkward. It never used to be this hard. I felt a little self conscious but tried to be brave, walked up to the bar and ordered my first drink. A little bit of a ‘mummy drink’ I must admit (Baileys on the rocks) and in my nervousness it took me a little less than a minute to consume the lot. As you can imagine I was feeling warm and fuzzy in no time and self-consciousness and awkwardness was a thing of the past! I hit the dance floor and guzzled down shots with my gal pals. The night came to an end all too soon but it ended on a high and I was happy to have made it out, despite my earlier hesitations.

I spent the next day with a pounding head but I felt stress-less, a little time out really does do wonders.

Daddy, you might just have to start babysitting more often 🙂


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